Sherav’s Tattoo Blog

The project has now closed fully. I may post back up a new and updated version sometime in the future – new projects permitting.

I would like to thank all who participated/used this site.

Take Care



3 Responses to “Sherav’s Tattoo Blog”

  1. Hello Sherav,

    Finally I have a chance to write something here….lol, sorry I have been super bz…how are you? did you get my msg? take care.
    BB, BG, BSmiling Always

  2. Hey! I am a young journalist-student that is writing a article on Tatoos. Prejudice, “addiction” and some general questions about it. I have read some of your blog entries and you seem as a kind of proffesional in this area! Would you be interested in answering some question, as a proffesional source? I know i can´t meet you in person, but it would be awesome if you would send me an email so that i could send you some question. The article is due this friday.
    Thank you! My email is Again thanks.


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